We have turned 30 years old – interton
30 éves az Interton Group

We have turned 30 years old

AV technology. Thanos. Innovation. Cirque du Soleil. Lenny Belardo. Tesla. What is common in those above? Change. Is it really needed? Is it a must? No. But either we resist change or not, it is with us. So, we had better accept it, adapt it and thus it will not come as a surprise; and we are not just drifting with the current. That is why we have been driving the companies of INTERTON Group on the waters of change. Of course, it does not go without saying, and it is not an easy task. We have also feared of the unknown, the new, the change. We have also failed. Not once. Yet, the increased pace of technological, business environment has led us to adapting to the changes. That is why we have opened towards the visual technology by improving the roots of sound technology. That is why we have changed to an engineering company group dealing with compex audio-visual systems. That is why we have improved our knowledge in the fields of information and control technologies. In short, that is why we have become from a five-man-strong sound technology garage firm (literally!) to an audio-visual-control technology-IT (AVC&IT) company group.

We can endure change passively, but we can decide on being active and we can induce changes. That is: we make the changes. If adaption to changes is difficult, making changes means an exceptionally great challenge. To get to know unknown fields, to create novel items, to develop solutions not seen before. Maybe cheaper than earlier? These are the activities and results that the market – due to its fear of uncertainty – at once questions. We have loads of experience like this and in the meantime, we regarded as a success when we designed and implemented the computer-controlled sound technology system of Paks Nuclear Power Plant (1992), which had no reason to be ashamed for seeing IP-based audio systems. When we won the implementation of sound systems in 32 domestic stadiums by using central, directed speaker systems (2001). When we developed and implemented the first room acustics modifying system of Hungary in Kölcsey Centre (2005). Or when we installed the iPhone-based intercom system as part of the internal broadcast system in the new Puskás Ferenc Stadium. (2019).

A Kölcsey Központ előadóterme

The INTERTON Group developed and implemented the first room acustics modifying system of Hungary in Kölcsey Centre in Debrecen (2005).

During the decades, as audio-visual (AV) technology improved, it was a good feeling to experience that the more complex AV systems we dream of or create, the more tools we had for the change, for creating value and for sharing knowledge. This eccentricity, this value-creating view have become our moving force and our prime element.

A Groupama Aréna lelátói és a pálya

The INTERTON Group designed and implemented the audio-visual systems of Puskás Arena. (2019)

For me, the good news is that the improvement of audio-visual technology is not only an inspirational source for INTERTON Group, but it also opened a door, which multiplies the opportunities for the change, learning, improvement and creation. Personally, I can’t wait the next decades to come

Of course, I hear the opionions: “but here is COVID and it ruins everything.” I believe that COVID is a single change out of many. Change, which teaches us – if we let it, which inspires us for thinking and changing – if we want it to. Are you going to be the endurer of the change or are you going to strenghten the team of those who make the changes?

We, in the INTERTON Group, have opted for the latter one.

Balogh Géza