TOA – interton
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The company, which was founded in Kobe, Japan in 1934, is second to none in the field of producing and improving professional electro-acoustic and communication devices. Patents and pioneer solutions – such as reflex brass speakers or large digital mixing desks – are connected to its name.

The name TOA means quality and reliability everywhere in the world. TOA Corporation owns exceptional references and experience from South Africa through Seul to London, from nuclear power plants to the Olympic Games.

The most important products by them are speakers, performance amplifiers, studio technology equipment, musical instruments, sound technology building parts, wireless microphones, traditonal and IP based intercom systems, conference and CCTV systems.

It has a wide range of sound centres from the compact, simply built centres through processor controlled. modularly enlargeable units to the fully digital, matrix-organised IP based systems.

Besides announcing general information and playing background music, TOA’s 100V systems are also suitable for implementing emergency intercom systems with specific requirements, increased reliability that satisfy MSZ EN 60849 and MSZ EN 54 standard groups.

INTERTON Group has been the exclusive distributor of TOA devices in Hungary since 1996.

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