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The QSC, founded in 1968, is seated in Costa Mesa, California. Numerous patented entities are linked to one of the world’s leading professional sound technology producers. Among its goods, we can find amplifiers, active and passive speakers, line array systems, system processors and network audio systems as well. The professional devices by QSC can be used in three fields: mobile, installation and movies.

The manufacturer has created an integrated system platform under the name of Q-SysTM, which covers all the signal routes from the audio input to the amplifiers that drive the speakers. The Q-SysTM conducts the distribution of the signal flow, processing, controlling and monitoring. It is an ideal choice for stadiums, sports halls, amusement parks, theatres, airports, hotels, casinos, churches, educational institutes, that is, in all establishments where complex but easily controllable audio solutions are required.

The international recognition and success are due to reliability and the continuous increase of performance into new levels, which has been achieved via developing pioneer technologies.

The INTERTON Group has exclusievely been the representative and distributor of QSC products since 2006.

The QSC Q-SysTM is an extensive, intergrated system platform, which not only manages hundreds of audio channels but also ensures intelligent and complex controlling tasks. The controller panel might be a computer connected to a network, control panels of smartphones, tablets or the QSC original surfaces: wall buttons and wall or table touchscreens.  The complex audio-visual system can be controlled on the unique graphic control panels or on simple pushbuttonned panels, including sound technology and display devices (e.g., LCD displays, projectors), room lighting, darkenings, or any other systems or devices controllable from outside.

More info:  www.qsc.com