Magyar Sport Háza
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Magyar Sport Háza

The House of Hungarian Sport

Our experts planned and installed the PA sound system of the building housing the offices of the Hungarian specialist sport associations, and also the whole interactive audiovisual system of the conference hall with nearly 200 seats. As the interior design of the conference room had been implemented, it was a huge challenge to install the systems subsequently. In the House of Hungarian Sports, there are numerous – in many cases international – conferences and discussions with lots of participants. The audiovisual system that serves these events includes a digital, wireless voting system and an interpretation system as well. With the portable, touchscreen control, it is easy and fast to control the sound system, the display devices, the projection technology, all levels of lighting and shading technology alike. The effect lighting system of the room was also planned and implemented by our company.

Services: ility audio system, Local sound system, Interpreter system, Conference system, Displays, Stage lighting, Integrated control, Voting system
Implementation: 2008-2014, Budapest