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Pick Arena

The sound system installed in Pick Arena is built on the most modern Q-LAN and Dante network audio system, its basis formed by d&b audiotechnik speakers divided into 14 clusters that are placed on the roofing. The size, weight and proper sound pressure were essential aspects when choosing the speakers to be used.

One of the biggest challenges is the sound system of the court in a hall with a size like this. With the installed system, we implemented good speech intelligibility, high level of sound pressure and high musical sound quality.
Although the multi-zone sound system installed in the arena is complex, its operation is coordinated by a QSC Q-Sys system, which makes handling easier.

The visual system installed by INTERTON Group includes a LED cube with a 220 square-metre surface above the court, a 90 m long perimeter LED, a 210×0,75 m LED placed on railing, a 72 square-metre scoreboard LED, the display of the pressroom, and a goal sport system. A digital signage system was also installed throughout the hall. Moreover, we have also used LED walls to display digital signage as well to provide background in the press room. All the LED walls installed are Expromo products distributed by INTERTON group.

Services: Public address, Local sound system, Displays
Implementation: 2021, Szeged
Kategória:: Sportlétesítmény