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Nagyerdei Football Stadium

The investment group commissioned our company to plan and install an audiovisual system, which can be operated economically and at the same time, satisfies all needs. To reach the proper sound pressure, high-performance speakers and amplifiers were installed to the grandstand. A large capacity, special network audio system controls the sound system that has been broken into zones, and besides the grandstand, it is connected to the sound system of the building. The entire sound system consists of speakers built in suspended ceilings, a digital mixing board and a wireless microphone system, and it also includes the mobile sound system and conference system of the conference and press room. Regarding visual solutions, an IP based digital signage system, a fixed LED wall and a perimeter LED surrounding the pitch were installed in the stadium.

Services: Public address, Local sound system, Conference system, Displays, Digital Signage
Implementation: 2014, Debrecen