Főnix Event Hall – interton
A Főnix Csarnok lelátói
A Főnix Csarnok mennyezeti megjelenítői
A Főnix Csarnokba telepített hangosítási rendszerek
A Főnix Csarnok küzdőtere
A Főnix Csarnok kijelzői

Főnix Event Hall

The Főnix Event Hall is a huge arena with a capacity of 8500 people, and it serves as the host for sports competitions and concerts. The sound systems for PA and the sports floor have a two-way connection. The PA sound system has priority, so, in case of emergency the required information can be transmitted into all areas. The speakers responsible for providing sound to the huge grandstand of the sports floor are installed around the scoreboard at the hight of 13 metres. These groups of speakers give the required sound pressure and speech intelligibility towards the four main sectors, which demanded careful planning and exact implementation concerning such huge distances. It was here that the central, large capacity, directed speaker system designed by INTERTON Group debuted in a unique way in Hungary.

Services: Public address, Local sound system
Implementation: 2002, Debrecen