A Csíky Gergely Színház főbejárata
A Csíky Gergely Színházba telepített vezérlőrendszer
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A Csíky Gergely Színházba telepített vezérlőpult
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Csiky Gergely Theatre

The facility was completely renewed between 2017 and 2019. The tender plan of the audiovisual systems was made by our company. The planned systems include the sound systems of the auditorium, the studio stage and the rehearsal room; the sound and video systems of the state-manager; sound and video postproduction systems; the streaming and cataloguing systems; Digital Signage and other visual technology systems; as well as independent IT systems required for the audiovisual systems. It is unique that in the theatre, one of the top-of-the-line models, the RIVAGE PM7 digital mixing board is on duty, completed with a CL3 digital mixing board, a RIO1608D digital stage box and a Rpio622 audio interface. Our company was commissioned by Animative Kft, the implementor of the audiovisual systems, to deliver the Yamaha mixing system.

Services: Local sound system
Implementation: 2018, Kaposvár