A CET vezérlőpultja
A CET mennyezeti fény- és hangszórói
A CET épületének hangszórói
A CET épületének QSC hangszórói
A Bálna belső tere a beépített hangszórókkal
A CET, a Bálna épületegyüttese
A Közraktárak, a Bálna fény- és hangrendszere

CET – Public Warehouse “The Whale”

The modern building by the Danube is a huge cultural, entertainment and hospitality centre with a two-storey underground parking lot. Our company installed the PA sound system, which works together with the alarm system of the building, and it is our company that built in the basic level pro audio system of the event hall as well. The primary criterion regarding the installation of the devices of the event hall was that the speakers could only be fitted to the main structure. In case of the Whale, the difficulty of the task was the shape, structural construction and size of the hall.

Services: Public Address, Local sound system
Implementation: 2010, 2013, Budapest