Auchan Bevásárlóközpont Budapesten
Az Auchan bejárata

Auchan Shopping Centre

Our company was commissioned to make the sound system of Auchan hypermarkets in numerous cities in Hungary. And it was not easy given their huge size and unique interior shapes. In the mammoth shopping halls of the hypermarkets suspended speakers, in the storage rooms horn speakers and in the parade of shops and offices hanging ceiling speakers were installed. The hundreds of speakers of diverse kinds with different volume requirements and separated in zones are controlled by sound centres. These sound centres are responsible for handling the incoming sources, announcement microphones and controls. In case of such large halls, the life-preserving role of these sound systems is essential, as those in the complex can be informed via them in case of emergency.

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Implementation: 1998-2009, Budapest, Budaörs, Csömör, Dunakeszi, Kecskemét, Maglód, Miskolc, Solymár, Soroksár, Székesfehérvár, Szigetszentmiklós