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The engineering center

Dr Géza Balogh, the founder of the INTERTON Group and his developers – uniquely in Hungary – have been making dedicated audiovisual designing, research, product and software development activities. The result of this scientific work are distributed in national and international markets under the brand name IVS.
Our IVS division has two roles:
On one hand, our engineers work on designing audiovisual and IT system as well as on full concept-creation, on the other hand, we develop and produce line and surface speakers under the name of IVS.


IVS hypercardioid line source or surface speakers are one of the most effective, category-creating devices of the audiovisual world.

The IVS speakers – due to their distinctive design and technical contents under patents – provide optimal speech intelligibility in accustically problematic, echoing spaces covered with hard, sound-reflective floors (water, tiles, concrete, glass, etc.) such as swimming pools, large halls, airports, churches, auditoriums.

IVS product family is a Hungarian patent and a Hungarian product, so we can all be proud of it.

Utilising IVS line source speakers is one of the secrets of the unique quality of the INTERTON systems.

The chronology of the line source and surface speaker families designed and produced by INTERTON Group:
Serial 1 HOK series line source speakers – 1988 – 2005.
Serial 2 VSK series line source speakers – 2005 – 2010
Serial 3 IVS series line source speakers from 2010
Serial 4 IFS series surface speakers from 2019.

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