Sharing knowledge in superlatives


The INTERTON university was launched in 2012 and since then we have organised this conference every year. The event includes lectures on sound, light and visual technology and on information technology and practical workshops are also provided.  

Lectures target sound engineers, light technicians, visual technology experts, designers, producers, operators, musicians, Djs, importers and distributers as well as those who treat the world audio-visual technology as a hobby.


Interton Egyetem



Constant innovation and putting emphasis on development and improving quality are the crucial common feature of the operation of INTERTON Group. That is why INTERTON Group has created INTERTON university.


The most noted international and domestic lecturers collaborate with the annual scientific event and workshop. The most important international novelties, trends are introduced through lectures, presentations and naturally, practical, technical workshops. The INTERTON University is the one and only event of the profession, and its expressed goal is that Hungary can keep continuous, high-level bilateral relationships with the international forefront of the audio-visual world.


While we introduce the most important technological novelties, trends in the world of audio-visual and light technology through lectures and presentations at the annual INTERTON University, the aim of the university laboratory is to provide deep knowledge through showing how the devices and technologies available at the market work in practice.  At the event of the INTERTON University Laboratory, those interested can participate in small groups.