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INTERTON Group Implements Sound System of Pécs National Basketball Academy

Pécs National Basketball Academy provides sport facilities for thousands of youngsters. The goal of the establishment is to train international level players for the Hungarian national male and female teams.

One of the crucial points regarding the sound system of the academy was the clarity of speech; and we had to provide good technical solution from a realitvely low budget. Creating it is not an easy task, since the sports hall is surrounded by “hard” reflexive surfaces, so its reverberation time is long. To reach the best result, we designed the system with TOA HX-5B speakers, consisting of a 24-piece high performance line speaker system, which uniquely improves the radiation qualities.

Two, four-channel, D-class, QSC PLD4.5 power amplifiers, which can give 2kW peak capacity per channel and which have a built-in DSP, are used to drive the sound for the spectator stand and the pitch. The amplifiers recieve analogue signals from the Yamaha TF1 digital mixing desk placed in the studio, but if the button of the referee floor connector is turned on, the sound of the device connected there will be transmitted. The mixing desk also has a Yamaha TIO 1608D digital stage box placed in a mobile rack, and the mixing desk is also connected to the sound technology connectors fitted in the floor as well as to a media player.

We do hope that the system installed in the facility will serve for a long time and will contribute to the communication of countless unforgettable moments.