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INTERTON Group designs and implements sound system at AISB

The AISB (American International School of Budapest) is a privately owned independent school, which was founded by the US Ambassy in Budapest in 1973. In the beginning, the children of the employees of the American government were taught here, but nowadays it serves the demand of the rapidly increasing international population, including children belonging to local and international diplomacy.


The main reason for the reconstruction of the sound system was to improve the security of the establishment. We installed a QSC Q-Sys network audio system due to the considerable number of zones (50 zones), a huge amount of individual user surfaces (e.g., PC, Mac, iPad, touchscreen microphone desk) and the need for constant system administration (amplifiers, peripheries, the state of the centre). The planned system can also supply IP-based control and supervision, flexible suitability (3rd party solutions, e.g., access control system) and the chance for later expansion. It can also manage authorization and priority and minimalize cabling needs.

The huge advantage of the system is its high flexibility: it can manage various levels of authorisation, control, settings, and other processes – automatically if needed. Furthermore, the person with proper authorisation may have access to the system from nearly any spot of the facility, and may start music, announcements, or other segments to any part of the establishment. To strengthen safe operation, we installed two redundant pairs made up of Core 5000i processors to two different pars of the building. The set of amplifiers consists of twelve QSC CXD4.3Q and three XCD4.5Q power amplifiers, which may work on small impedance and 100V voltage at the same time.


In the morning, students are welcome with soft music provided by a media centre in the studio to make the start of the day more pleasant. Users can access the centre with different authorisation levels: some have only the right to ring, while others can also play various kinds of voice messages or music via TOA speakers installed in the walls or supsended ceilings.

Each wing has a closed-circuit sound system with their own priorities. In this way, ringtones and music extracts will not normally be aired to the theatre hall. However, emergency signals or announcements by a colleague with high priority will. In staff office areas, it works in the same way.


The AISB establishment includes several football pitches, each of which has a separate sound circuit, but it is also possible to send the required sound to all of them at the same time. A different sound circle feeds a terrace adjoined to one of the pitches, which hosts smaller gatherings. An independent sound centre can be found in the building by the pitch, and its controller is fitted with a volume control and switches dedicated to the pitches, so parents can easly operate the device and play certain sounds from their phones through a 3.5 jack socket. Many sporting events are organised in the premises of the institute, so the school can really make use of the opportunities provided by the sound system. Community R5-HP speakers are used to supply audio output for the pitches, while QSC AD-S10T speakers were installed onto the terrace.

Altogether, we can say that an extremely modern and effective audio network system has been installed in the AIBS facility, which can also serve the extra demand arising in the oncoming years.