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Accessibility for Hearing Impaired

Ampetronic helps with accessibility for people hard at hearing with hearing aid devices. Its products can be used in cultural institutes, hospitality establishments, conference and meeting rooms, sports establishments, health care centres, in entertainment business, show rooms, religious institutes and military establishments.

The C series of Ampetronic induction loop amplifiers means a major improvement in the technology of accessibility for those of hard at hearing.


– Performance, consistence and reliability from entry level devices to high-end models.

– Easy-to-use digital surface for the proper settings.

– Security due to various supervisory facilities.

– All models have Dante option, so it can easly be integrated to the already exising systems.

– Low operation and maintenance costs.

– 5 years of guarantee.


INTERTON Group has been the exclusive distributor of Trantec devices in Hungary since 2012.

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